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The business of music is not "build it and they will come"!  If you're tired of playing to empty rooms and other bands getting the best gigs, let us put our 20+ years of the business of music experience to work for YOU!

Social Media

It's not enough to be an artist.  Whether you're a cover band belting out the latest Top 40 hits or an original performer of your own compositions, we'll help you develop the right repertoire for your venue and target audience.


The right publicity and marketing strategies are essential for any business model, and music is no exception.  We'll show you how to properly market not only yourself as an artist and performer, but also your shows, music, and merchandise to the consumer.


Let's "face" it, it's the 21st Century!  If you don't have a strong social media presence, you're dead in the water before you even leave port!  We'll help you navigate the minefield that is both paid and free social media to build your fan base and your revenue streams!


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